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It's Not Enough To Just Exist

by Craig Martelle

Spend the summer getting ready for winter. Spend the winter thinking about summer. Welcome to the cycle. What if you lost power after Thanksgiving, and it was never coming back on?

Learning how prepared one couple was for that contingency forms the backdrop of It's Not Enough To Just Exist. Alaska in a time of conflict. Disparate people banding together. More than surviving.
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Sedona: Tricksters and Fools 

by J. Starkey - Saylor

A murder mystery that portrays aspects of Native American culture of the south western desert country. Jamie and Charlie are the giddy young college kids out on their own with loose supervision of their favorite Uncle Max. They can't help getting into trouble at every turn.  Read more... 

The Most Expensive Mistress in Jefferson County

by Jim Misko

It is the last week of a three year struggle to close a $400 million dollar deal between the U.S. Government, 130 individual ranchers, and the Nez Perce tribe.  All have agreed to participate in the largest real estate exchange in Idaho history.  But Hawkins Neilson is sick, real sick. Read more...

For What He Could Become

by Jim Misko

Fear, lost love, war, sibling rivalry, found love, drunkenness, redemption undefined all found in the novel FOR WHAT HE COULD BECOME as Bill Williams returns home to his native village in Alaska.  Having barely survived WWII he is stunned to find that his brother stole the letters he wrote to his first love and married her himself.  Read more...

Village of the Full Moon Curse

Daniel Griffin

Village of the Full Moon Curse, a novel about a cursed werewolf embarking on a dangerous quest to save the woman he loves from the hands of an aged powerful vampire. He recieves unexpected assistance from two outsiders who help to save the entire village of Circa, Alaska from the hands of evil vampire minions. Village of the Full Moon Curse is exciting vampire/werewolf fiction providing romance for Twighlight fans, suspense and drama for Vampire Diaries readers, shooting action for Van Helsing enthusiasts, and werewolf/vampire battles for the Underworld movie goers, along with sarcasm and witty humor.

Bessie the Amazing Cow

by Julie Rahm

Bessie the Amazing Cow is a delightful story for the young and young at heart. Readers will be captured by Bessie and Donna Mae's friendship as they learn about one another and what matters most on an adventure through the meadow. Everyone has special talents to contribute to make the world a better place. Bessie discovers hers, giving her confidence to be herself.

One Last Cast

by Evan Swensen

Listeners of Alaska Outdoor Radio Magazine turned up the volume just a little as Evan ended his show with "And now before we close the show, there's just time for one last cast." One Last Cast is the collection of 120 of listeners' favorite one last casts. It's more than fishing Alaska. It's flying with Charlie's pilot, an early-morning walk on a deserted Kachemak Bay beach, digging clams, pulling crab and shrimp pots, taking pictures, keeping a campfire going, and watching and interacting with Alaska's wildlife. Sometimes it's doing nothing -- taking time to just sit, relax, and enjoy the surroundings, breathing air so pure you can't see it, listening to the deafening silence of a still night, or feeling the immense size of wilderness on a clear day with unlimited visibility. One Last Cast is the genuine Alaska outdoor experience.

Becoming a Published Author

by Evan Swensen

Description: Becoming a published author is a daunting experience. Bringing and keeping a book before potential readers is a challenging and taxing undertaking. Almost everyone has dreamed about writing a book undefined but few there are that have what it takes to do it. Becoming a Published Author is a book written by those who have done it undefined who had a vision of being a published author and had what it took to make it happen. These are stories from authors about their writing and publishing journey from the beginning of their idea to the thrill of their first book signing undefined and beyond. Becoming a Published Author includes thoughts, insights, and the emotional highs and lows of becoming an author and marketing a book. <>

Manak-na's Story, 75,000 BC 

by Bonnye Matthews

Manak-na's Story, 75,000 BC (June 2013) is the second novel in the Winds of Change series on the Peopling of the Americas. In this book Manak-na travels from the China/Mongolia area to Mexico by boat and returns. Read the book to see whether he can keep his word to his wife that this adventure will be the only one. To the mix of early man, the Denisovans are added. The book contains a bibliography.

Ki'ti's Story, 75,000 BC

by Bonnye Matthews

Ki'ti's Story, 75,000 BC (August 2102) is the first novel in the Winds of Change series on the Peopling of the Americas. It is a coming of age story of the People's Wise One (storykeeper/storyteller). It takes place mostly in the area of southern China. The People are Neanderthals and they interact with Homo erectus and Cro-magnons. The novel contains a bibliography. Ki'ti's Story, 75,000 BC was awarded first place for fiction for 2013 by the Alaska Professional Communicators.

Deadly Rites

by Sean E. Thomas

Priests are being crucified on inverted crosses in Alaskan churches. On the surface, it appears priests are killing priests. As Sergeant Robert Sable starts his investigation, he finds a similar trend across the lower 48 states. It seems that Alaska now has another serial killer. Sable must sort out the suspects and clues to find the killer.


by Sean E. Thomas

 More dangerous than Theodore Bundy and Robert Hansen combined, a serial killer calling himself Anubis stalks the cities and highways of Alaska. This killer leaves no fingerprints, fibers or DNA. He hides behind numerous stolen identities. Now, the stalker has murdered a Seattle police detective. Alaska State Trooper Robert Sable and his team must find the killer before he strikes again.

Lost Legion

by Sean E. Thomas

Pulled from his honeymoon, Alaska State Trooper Robert Sable investigates the murders of the governor’s brother and the brother’s friends. Clutched in the dead men’s hands are gold coins imprinted with the likeness of Augustus Caesar. As Sable follows the clues, he realizes a myth that Roman soldiers settled in Alaska more than 2,000 years ago may be true. Closing in, he comes face to face with the architect of the murders, a village chieftain who is a descendent of the Romans. The descendants have set into motion a plot to take over the halls of power in Washington, D.C. Even the current Alaskan governor unknowingly is being used as a pawn to achieve this aim. It is up to Sable to foil the plot and put the chief and his fellow conspirators behind bars.

Alaska Professional Communicator Fiction Award Winner 2012

Dances Naked

by Dani Haviland 

British Lord Marty Melbourne has traveled back in time and is now lost in 1781 North Carolina. His troubles increase when he's assaulted and robbed by the callous Grant MacLeod, a ne’er do well dragging his younger sister and her young child across the country, robbing and pillaging at every opportunity. Marty escapes with his life but little else. No horse, no shoes, and no sense of direction thwart Marty’s homecoming to 2013.

Life becomes even more complicated with the arrival of a Cherokee hunting party. Marty and two very different women voluntarily join the Indian tribe for different reasons. Marty still wants to go home and makes his desires known to the chief, a man of few words. But, Red Shirt needs to make use of the crazy white man before leading him to The Trees, the bad medicine place that swallowed up his younger brother years ago.
The Fairies Saga are the tales of time travelers and their friends and family who bounce between the present day and the 18th century, interacting with the 'fictional' characters of the 'Lost' novels. Revenge, intrigue, and passion were never so sweet.

Montessori -- Living the Good Life

by Connie Ripley Lujan


Maria Montessori discovered the secret miracle of childhood over one hundred years ago. In Connie Ripley Lujan’s newly released book, Montessori-Living the Good Life,Maria Montessori's enlightened revelation of the child's talent to construct his future life with his own mind is illuminated step by step as each chapter probes deeper into mankind's existence. Maria Montessori’s vision of peace lives on in this passionate memoir of a disciple of her spirit.

Montessori - Living the Good Life is a thoughtful guide for parents, grandparents, and all educators and citizens concerned for peace in the home, schools, and world. The key to assisting the new ones, Dr. Montessori tells adults, is their willingness to collaborate with the child’s desire for an appropriate environment. Education, for both the child and adult, is the crucial element.

Author, Connie Ripley Lujan, mother of five children, a certified Montessori teacher, graduate of Gonzaga and Seattle Universities with degrees in Religious Studies and Pastoral Theology, is a retired Director of Religious Education living in Anchorage, Alaska. A soft-cover edition of her book may be purchased at her website: or ordered at bookstores and on-line for $13.95. Hardcover and electronic editions are also available.

Words heard from readers: “Profound, informative - definitely a reading for everyone seeking a happier life." ". . . a strong writer, enthusiastic, passionate.” "I wish I had read this book before my children were born."

Montessori – Living the Good Life is about creating a world without violence for the child in your arms and the child in your heart.

For more information about Montessori – Living the Good Life, contact the author:

Connie Ripley Lujan, Phone: (907) 345-0382; E-mail: or at her websites:,

Secondhand Summer

by Dan L. Walker, is about Sam, fourteen-year-old boy who must leave the homestead fishing life when his father died.  Like most kids his age, his physical abilities and his imagination exceed his judgment and knowledge while he adapts to life in the big city of Anchorage, the loss of his father, and becoming a teenager.  An abandoned nightclub, which Sam and his friends take over as their "fort", absorbs Sam's attention, energy, and gives him chance to escape from an adult controlled world, but his time runs out when the high school kids take over.

Brothers Of The Rogue

by Al Green

Brothers Of The Rogue by [Green, Al]Brothers of the Rogueis set during the California/Oregon gold rush of the 1850's. This rich land attracted people from all over the world, Europe, Asia, America, and even the Hawaiian Islands, who came to seek their fortunes. However the land was inhabited by others who resented being driven from their homes by the miners. As cultures collide, two brothers and two sisters meet and find true love.

The Club Revolution Continues

by Walter Grant

Image result for the club revolution continues walter grantGeoff arrived home, was arrested, tried, found guilty and executed for his fiancees' murder--a crime he did not commit. He awoke from a drug-induced coma to learn his execution had been faked and he now owed the Club the next ten years of his life. He accepted the Club's conditions and became a membe--there was no choice.

The Founding Fathers having fled tyrannical monarchies of Europe established the Club as insurance against their greatest fea--a corrupt and ever expanding central government. The first name on the Club's founding documents can be found on the American Declaration of Independence.

 Annie Spruce A Dog That Didn't Die

 by Cassandra Rankin

untitled.pngIn the woods of Alaska, an unexpected and bloody surprise awaits a family at a rural pull-off. Little did they know, the mess they stumbled upon would soon build the faith of a small girl, her family, and a homeless man. Annie Spruce is the true account of an extraordinary dog who reminds us that amidst the messes of this life, there is joy and there is love. Annie's story brings a message of family and friendship, and evokes a sense of delicate care that will delight all ages for generations to come.

Manak-na's Story, 75,000 BC

by Bonnye Matthews

Manak - Copy.jpg The Winds of Change novel series on the peopling of the Americas before the Ice Age examines a few issues: * When people came to the Americas, * Who came to the Americas, and * From where did they come? The Winds of Change novel series views the peopling of the Americas primarily from research over the last 15 years. The series takes the “what if” perspective. What might it have been like if the Americas abounded in human life long before 11,700 BC? The first book in the series, Ki’ti’s Story, 75,000 BC (2012), is the foundation for the novel series, and it takes place in what is today southern China. The second book in the series, Manak-na’s Story, 75,000 BC (2013), involves an adventure from China to Mexico and return. More books will follow. In this book, read to discover whether Manak-na can keep the promise he made to his wife to take only the one adventure, the dream of his life since childhood, or whether the one experience has turned him into an adventurer.

Between Two Poles

by Shirley Kurth Schneider

Shirley is an ordinary woman doing what her commitment to husband and family require.  She could be any woman, anywhere.  But, she doesn’t live anywhere.  She lives in Alaska, married to a man obsessed with the allure of the Last Frontier.

It is the 1960’s and America’s need to secure her borders attracted a new brand of Cheechako to Alaska’s Interior.  Read more... 

The Seer

by James Menaker

Legends say that long ago a mystical order of men and women walked the earth: The Seers.

The stories claim they saw the invisible, knew what no one else knew, and performed impossible feats of power. They wandered the earth as champions for the oppressed and heralds of days to come. The Order was cloaked in mystery and suspicion, but when they spoke, the wise listened. Read more... 

How to Finance Any Real Estate

by Jim Misko

Any Place, Any Time. Strategies That Work! 

Laughing in the Rain 

by Hillary Saffran

Do you need to reduce stress in your life?

Need a laugh? Are you feeling mired in parental guilt? This book will show you how to laugh in the rain, even if your umbrella has holes! Read more...

The Perfect Union

by Thomas A. Myers

Society has collapsed and constitutional government is but a dim memory. Those in power reek of corruption and perversion. The world envisioned by Orwell took almost fifty more years to come to pass than he predicted and it is far worse than he ever imagined. A new third sex has emerged, physically powerful, beautiful in their own way and filled with lust. From behind the scenes they control the processes of the government to fulfill the desires of the Primecon and ensure that the continuum of control stays in power through the manipulation of the masses utilizing designed untruths called 'constructs'. These are then forced onto the sheeple through the ComOrgs and the Clean Crews who ensure that nobody lasts who is in opposition as those that do are taken to labor camps...welcome to 2037.

Beer on the Last Frontier

by Bill Howell

Beer on the Last Frontier is the first book ever written that focuses exclusively on the craft breweries and brewpubs of Alaska. It is an exploration of and guide to the numerous craft breweries of The Great Land and the exceptional beers they are brewing. Volume I covers the breweries of the Kenai Peninsula and Kodiak Island. Volume II will cover Anchorage, Fairbanks, and all points in between. Volume III will cover Southeast Alaska. This book is not intended to be a stand-alone guidebook to Alaska. Rather, it should be viewed as a guidebook specifically for the craft beer lover, one which will enable any visitor or tourist who is particularly interested in experiencing craft beer in Alaska to do so most effectively.

This volume, The Kenai Peninsula and Kodiak Island Breweries, covers the four breweries and two brewpubs located in these two regions of Alaska in detail. Profusely illustrated with color photographs and containing interviews with the brewers, it also provides detailed information to aid the visitor to Alaska, such as driving directions, operating hours, as well as beer lists and tasting notes for each of the craft breweries. Besides detailed information on each of the breweries, the book also offers suggestions on bars, restaurants, and liquor stores in the regions which offer good selections of craft beers from the 49th state.

Drinking on the Last Frontier Blog:

Amazon Author page:

Bringing Your Book to Market

by Evan Swensen
Publication Consultants specializes in publishing the works of writers worldwide. We've been in the publishing business since 1978. We're not only publishers, we're writers, and know many problems confronting writers. How to solve those problems and bring writer's work to market is our business. We welcome this opportunity to become acquainted with you and your work.  Publication Consultants produces books and publications of any size, number of pages, and variety of binding and covers. We think there is more to book publishing than just putting ink on paper. Our services include design, typesetting, printing, binding, eBook conversion, and all necessary steps to publish your book, both as a printed book and an eBook. We take your book from conception to completion and bring your work to market with one of five different programs. <>

Due Process 

by Lyle O'Connor

Enter the realm of a serial killer; share his thoughts, his emotions, his pain, and his need to assassinate. Walter Eloy Goe, an ordinary factory worker, obsessing over the mistreatment of victims by the courts becomes a vigilante for justice. Appalled by adjudicators coddling criminals under the guise of civil rights, Walter factors himself in as a lethal consequence for depraved individuals walking out of court with a slap-on-the-wrist as punishment for heinous crimes. He has no particular skill-sets qualifying him to fight crime. He relies on cunning, isolation, and his hunting and tracking skills to take down targets and bring about his form of justice. A kaleidoscope of dreams and apparitions thrusts Walter into a nightmarish world where the lines of good and evil are discernible. When applying justice he finds right and wrong interchangeable; body count is his only measure of success.

Frozen Treasure

by Sean E. Thomas

When Montezuma saw the Spanish coming, he sent an army of warriors with most his treasure north to the home of their ancestors (Alaska). An archeology professor, Edward Stone, and a friend stumble onto Aztec tablets in the Alaskan wilderness that have the potential to lead to a vast treasure. They pay for it with their lives. Sable and his team are assigned the case, which becomes dangerous immediately. Sable finds corrupt elements of the Mexican government who will use any method to get to the gold first, killing anyone in their path. Sable and his team must bend the law by using extraordinary measures to stop the killers.

Alaskan Dutchman 

by Sean E. Thomas

A prospector’s body is found near the railroad tracks south of Fairbanks. At the miner’s cabin, Alaska State Trooper Sergeant Robert Sable finds two bodies slumped over a table in pools of blood. While investigating the crime scene, he finds several hundred thousand dollars in gold nuggets hidden under the base of the prospector’s fireplace. Rumors fly that the prospector had found the Dutchman, a mine of myth, legend and a curse. Over the last hundred years, many men had died trying to find the mine. Those who did find it ended up dead, and the mine would be lost again. The killers close in on the mine’s location, and as Sable follows the clues, they lead him closer to the killers and mortal danger.

Alaska Professional Communicator Fiction Award Winner 2013

Silent Killer 

by Sean E. Thomas

 Alaska State Trooper Robert Sable investigates a serial killer who uses stealth and carbon monoxide to kill alumni from the Chugach High School class of 2000 and their families. So far, all the deaths have been ruled accidental. It appears the killer is exacting revenge for bullying and abuse in high school. The killer leaves minimal evidence, only a tiny smiley face with the number 2000. Since Sable’s wife is a 2000 graduate, she may be next on the killer’s list. Sable and his team must catch the killer before he strikes again. 

The Great Big Fairy

by Dani Haviland 

Benji, the 6’7” red headed time traveler, former professional wrestler, and reluctant porn star, wants to return to his natal time: the 18th century. He finally makes it back just in time to rescue a “verra tall, verra stubborn” Negress slave who doesn’t speak English and seems to have attracted quite a few enemies. Life has never been easy for Benji, but his bright attitude and physical strength change the lives of many in both the 18th and 21st centuries.
The Fairies Saga are the tales of time travelers and their friends and family who bounce between the present day and the 18th century, interacting with the ‘fictional’ characters of the popular ‘Lost’ novels. Revenge, intrigue, and passion with a comic twist.

Ever Rose

Patricia Watts

Josef, a young gold seeker in Alaska in 1913, finds an intriguing photo of a woman and uses it to spin a story to appease his young son.  This story – about a noble, adventurous beauty he calls Aunt Rose--becomes a family legend that is carried on by Josef’s descendents. Almost a hundred years later, Josef’s great-granddaughter, Germaine, a troubled teen, runs away from her California home to Alaska, where she discovers that Aunt Rose, honored in stories she’s heard all her life, is a myth fabricated from a picture of a prostitute.  To find her way back home, Germaine must learn the true value of family and of second chances.

How to Finance any Real Estate

by Jim Misko

I Ever wonder how real estate magnates become real estate magnates? By filling out mind-numbing mortgage applications? By taking out equity loans against their homes? By making personal guarantees to their bankers? Hardly. For years, successful real estate investors have used nontraditional methods of securing funding. They have created effective money strategies that circumvent banks, yet still result in profitable deals.

For over thirty years, real estate professional James Misko has trained thousands of licensed realtors in the use of nontraditional financing methods. Now, Misko makes his creative techniques available to the general public in his new book, How to Finance Any Real Estate, Any Place, Any Time.

In this easy-to-use guide, Jim offers fifty-three time-tested nontraditional ways of buying properties. These are not pie-in-the-sky theories about what could happen "if," but proven deal-closing secrets that will put the wraps on virtually any real estate purchase. In this book, you will learn how to turn your dwindling stocks into real estate equities, how to take frozen equity and create real estate paper, how to exchange one property for another tax-free, how to maximize tax write-offs, how to acquire land without money, and so much more.

How to Finance Any Real Estate, Any Place, Any Time provides you with all the information you might pay hundreds--if not thousands--of dollars for through realty courses, at only a fraction of the cost. If the only thing holding you back from buying your dream house or investment property is financing, maybe it's time to buy "outside the box."

Click here to order book or read more.

You can visit Jim Misko's site at

 Treasures of the Night

 by Bruce Lee Bond

Lorelei, the last descendant of Lilith--ancient goddess of Summer, and first wife of Adam appears in Dawson City in the fall of 1899 seeking the long night, the fresh blood of dreamers and the company of goodtime girls. Rescuing a young prostitute from death, she begins a series of events leading to two teenage lovers fleeing across the winter wilderness from the Mounties into Alaska and changes the lives of many a famous character of the day in doing so.

 The Broken Coast

 by Bruce Lee Bond

Lorelei arrives on the Barbary Coast of San Francisco in April 1906, salvages a young man from a mugging who becomes her lover, and finds a partner in the greatest madam of the age. In a world of shanghai bars, parlor houses, legal drugs and sexual slavery she rescues Chinese singsong girls from the Tongs and begins a tong war. The great earthquake leaves San Francisco in flames and two young lovers escape in the ruins. The next novel in the series, Girls Gone South, is set in 1919 Hollywood and will be released fall 2016 from Montag Press.


by Al Green

Image result for bloodlines al greenBloodlines, the prequel to The Tarsean Trinity, is a fast paced action adventure set during he reign of Herod the Great. The turmoil, war, greed, and lust of this violent age fill its pages, transporting the reader onto the stage as it was set at the beginning of the Christian era. This is a tale of Herod's bloody rise to power as a vassal of Octavian Caesar.

     Pieces of Me

     by Lizbeth Meredith

index.jpgMore than another missing children’s story, Pieces of Me recounts Lizbeth’s struggle to bring home her internationally abducted daughters from Greece to Alaska. It’s the story of a 29 year-old woman whose own life was marked by family violence and childhood kidnapping who then faced her own $100,000 problem on a $10 an hour budget. It’s the story of the generous community in Anchorage, Alaska, and of a welcoming community in Greece who joined Lizbeth’s efforts to make the impossible a reality.

Historic Coloring Book

by Bonnye Matthews

Winds of Change Coloring Book front cover.jpgThe coloring book provides additional information and helps visualize what goes with Ki'ti's Story, 75,000 BC.

The Path Of The Wind
by James A. Misko
Image result for the path of wind jim miskoMiles Foster is a newly minted teacher who dreams of getting a teaching job in the giant, wealthy Portland, Oregon school system where everything is available, and where he and his wife call home. But the only opening for his talents is in a remote lumber mill town in central Oregon, two hundred miles away. It is a poor school with forty students, and is controlled by a jealous superintendent and school board who tolerate no thinking outside the box and who conspire to destroy his teaching career. Miles must find a way to educate students who have been passed along regardless of what they learned, and defeat the damaging control of the school board and superintendent without losing his marriage or his job, or both.  


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